Europe’s largest independent manufacturer of insulating varnishes & resins.

AEV manufactures traditional solvent based products, solventless and water based resins, epoxies, 
polyurethane compounds, and speciality products for the electronics industry. Our products are broadly catalogued into 8 areas;

Ultimeg 2000 - Traditional insulating varnishes and resins
Ultimeg 2002 - “0” VOC Solventless Epoxy impregnation resins
Ultifil 3000 - Polyurethane potting resins
Ultifil 2001 & 2004 - High performance Epoxy potting resins 
Aquameg - Water based varnishes
Ulticote - Coating finishes
Ayrodev™ - In situ cleaning solvents
Ultigard - Electronic Resins

AEV Process Technology

AEV Process Technology combines, all of the experience and expertise accumulated by the AEV Group in the Electrical Insulation Technology in the last years to offer a 'One Stop Shop' for the successful 
implementation of your VPI process. We are able to design, manufacture and supply both parts of the system, under one roof.

VPI Equipment

Plant equipment is proudly manufactured by AEV in Barcelona, and can be tailored exactly to requirements. VPI and VI plants are available in a range of sizes from Ø 500 mm to in excess of Ø 7 m, and can be built conforming to ATEX standards. Each plant is installed with a touch screen interface makes for simple operation, with the option to retain and print process data.

Curing Ovens

To support the VPI equipment we also design and install a range of curing ovens which are available in a range of sizes to suit. Component rotation options can be designed to requirements, and integrated with the oven controls. All ovens feature a touch screen interface with programmable multi-stage time and temperature control, with the option to print time vs. temperature graphs.